LevaData a Winner of IDC’s SaaS and Cloud CSAT 2020 Customer Satisfaction in Procurement Award

SAN JOSE, Calif. December 1, 2020 – LevaData, the leader in Cognitive Supply Management that delivers applied AI to transform strategic sourcing and procurement, today announced that it has been awarded the IDC SaaS and Cloud CSAT 2020 Customer Satisfaction in Procurement Award.

IDC started a new awards program this year called the IDC SaaS and Cloud CSAT Awards (Oct 2020 - Tech Buyer Presentation - Doc # US46933620), where they are providing awards to the vendors that received the highest customer satisfaction ratings within each SaaS Enterprise Application market.

“We are incredibly honored to have been recognized as the IDC SaaS and CSAT 2020 Award winner in Procurement,” said Kent Ledgerwood, VP Customer Success at LevaData. “By augmenting mundane tasks and serve up the most relevant recommendations, insights and predictions, we are able to work closely with our clients and truly drive supply chain resiliency. We are proud of this acknowledgement and proud of the LevaData team members who helped make it happen.”

About IDC SaaS and Cloud CSAT Awards

IDC's customer satisfaction award program, the IDC SaaS and Cloud CSAT Awards, recognizes the leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors in each application market, infrastructure-as-a-service vendors in each industry, and the professional services firms assisting them — who receives the highest customer satisfaction scores based on IDC's SaaSPath and Industry CloudPath Surveys.

SaaSPath and Industry CloudPath are global surveys that in combination cover approximately 4,000 organizations across all geographic regions and company sizes, where customers are asked to rate their vendors on more than two dozen different customer satisfaction metrics.

About LevaData

LevaData helps global enterprises improve gross margins by reducing supply chain costs, with a focus on delivering measurable and accountable supply chain solutions and strategies that transform companies. LevaData’s Supply Management platform is on a constant search for savings opportunities and potential risks, and provides scenarios that allow companies to avoid costly shortages. Customers include leaders in the top global supply chain organizations, as well as medium-sized OEMs seeking to achieve best-in-class direct materials sourcing practices. LevaData is headquartered in San Jose, California. For more information, visit www.levadata.com.