It’s no secret that today’s climate is unpredictable, ever-changing, and, at times, volatile. With so much upheaval and uncertainty, it’s crucial to know the supply chain risks you’re up against. The problem is, too many organizations stop there. To truly ensure both short- and long-term success, you need to go a step further. Or rather, three steps further: 

  1. Analyze and understand how these risks impact your portfolio.
  2. Transform these insights into a plan of attack.
  3. Act on your findings with confidence.

Unfortunately, most organizations get stuck on step one. Accessing data is one thing; knowing how to analyze and transform that information into a step-by-step, prescriptive process is another. 

What’s the Best Way to Navigate Supply Chain Risks?

To rectify this issue, LevaData built Supply Risk Navigator, a revolutionary solution found within the LevaData platform that transforms the way enterprises identify, assess, and act on risks and obstacles. This AI-powered technology goes above and beyond to generate clear, predictive insights with prescriptive engagements designed to help foster speedy, determined, misstep-free plans. 

LevaData’s tailored analyses comprise facts and figures from numerous data sources, many of which are collected from our one-of-a-kind community of buyers and sellers. The system utilizes AI-driven algorithms to dissect marketplace activity and identify changes in demand, lead time, and other parameters. 

From building scenarios with contract manufacturers to acting with existing supply chain partners based on contextual data, LevaData’s Supply Risk Navigator solution provides the support and confidence needed to ax analysis paralysis and handle today’s challenges – and tomorrow’s, too. 

How Supply Risk Navigator Differs From Other Risk Systems

The prime differentiator in LevaData’s Supply Risk Navigator solution is the multivariable risk view. This approach allows organizations to see projections for future risks and take the necessary steps to mitigate these obstacles. Beyond that, the insights teach users how to turn risks into advantages with lowered costs, minimized impacts to lead time, and being the “customer of choice” to suppliers by being the first to act with them on a strategy.

LevaData’s Integrated Cost Risk solution also ensures complete efficiency and data accuracy. This powerful solution interprets potential risk and event impacts on business’ parts, portfolios, and sales while consolidating multiple sources of non-harmonized data to provide a complete, holistic overview of all pertinent information.

How LevaData Ensures Top-Quality Data

Supply Risk Navigator accelerates the data ingestion process by allowing organizations to leverage numerous interfaces, including flat files, SFTPs, and APIs. Throughout that ingestion process, LevaData works with organizations and platform users to determine set business rules and data profiles that match your operation. From there, LevaData uses a series of AI and ML algorithms to normalize, harmonize, and anonymize your data, so it’s clean and ready to be actionized. 

Demystify Your Data With Supply Risk Navigator

No organization is immune to risks or obstacles. But with the right solutions, you can maintain a competitive advantage when problems do arise; with predictive insights and reliable recommendations, your organization can remain agile and ahead of the curve. With Supply Risk Navigator, you’ll have everything needed to review, analyze, and act on the most comprehensive data and maintain complete supply chain resilience. 

Discover what LevaData’s revolutionary solutions can do to help you mitigate risks by scheduling a demo today