At LevaData, we have a relentless mission to provide customers the best, most valuable resources needed to ensure a successful, agile supply chain. With that said, we’re proud to announce the launch of our new integrated executive center.

LevaData Platform Executive Center

This new capability collects, combines, and presents insights from across the LevaData platform to provide customers unparalleled visibility into supply risk, savings opportunities, market trends, and data health across all their products, both new and existing. With our new integrated executive center, key findings and recommendations from our platform’s always-on analysis are aggregated and presented in one holistic, streamlined view. 


But what do these insights and analytics comprise? Let’s take a look: 

Supply Risk Navigation

This revolutionary solution transforms how enterprises identify, interpret, and act on risks. Supply Risk Navigator goes above and beyond traditional risk assessments; LevaData’s solution takes it a step further, generating and presenting accurate, predictive insights alongside clear, detailed recommendations to ensure enterprises have all the information needed to mitigate missteps.

Cost Optimization

This part of the LevaData platform constantly searches for opportunities where your organization can save on costs. Cost Optimizer harnesses the power of AI and utilizes LevaData’s predictive tools, applying both to real-time marketplace activity to generate realistic, reliable recommendations. By increasing visibility and making agility achievable, organizations can transform strategic sourcing into a competitive advantage. 

New Product Acceleration

New Product Accelerator applies AI to real-time, ongoing marketplace activity, as well as up-to-date supplier data to streamline your new product introduction. With this information, you can move forward investing in the best, most profitable supply of materials to ensure a solid foundation for the future. 

Network Collaboration

LevaData’s Network Collaboration solution simplifies decision-making, reduces time to market, and helps organizations achieve a single version of the truth. By allowing users to collaborate with their peers and vendors, be it through custom reporting or the integrated RFx process, companies can significantly improve supplier relationships and streamline activities. 

Overall, the LevaData Cognitive Platform serves as a comprehensive, reliable solution through which organizations can achieve all their strategic sourcing goals. It analyzes market dynamics, highlights emerging risks or opportunities, and offers organizations everything needed to take decisive actions, improve margins, and ensure a resilient supply of direct materials.

Signal Monitoring

LevaData’s Signal Monitoring capabilities scan the ever-growing stream of market activity, news, and cost projections, all while keeping your organization’s unique needs and potential obstacles in mind. Once the data is analyzed, the platform automatically alerts you to the most relevant opportunities or risks. By turning these mountains of data into specific predictions and actionable recommendations, your company maintains an “unfair” advantage over competitors sourcing the same components. 

Decision Support

This feature of the LevaData platform turns relevant marketplace insights into customized recommendations. First, it identifies which moves will materially improve your price or risk position for you. Then, it offers a reliable forecast of your direct material costs, savings, and time-to-margin. The Decision Support capability simulates awards, compares scenarios, and balances tradeoffs to meet multiple goals. It also allows you to set rules and target constraints for a variety of scenarios, including savings goals, minimum or maximum number of suppliers, lead times, tiered bids, and more. This customized, optimized support ensures everyone in your product and supply organization is on the same page, so you can make decisions faster.

Intelligent Actions

LevaData goes beyond business analytics. With built-in capabilities to execute your plan, Intelligent Actions range from customized playbooks for key negotiations to automated RFx processes that speed up routine work. These decisive actions allow you to lock in supplies and cost savings before competitors, as well as increasing productivity by handing off “long-tail” parts and components to LevaData for automated sourcing.

Find out more about LevaData’s platform and our new integrated Executive Center by contacting us today.