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LevaData levels the playing field with suppliers and manufacturing partners via unique cost benchmarks on parts, products, and commodities. It recommends negotiation levers and cuts analysis time to seconds for sourcing events. This means you can act on risks and opportunities with specific insights.

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LevaData is one of the upstarts in the sourcing industry. It’s an interesting outlier because while LevaData does many of the things we expect from a sourcing solution, it takes an outside the box approach. It's really good at some of the things that other sourcing tools haven’t even started.


Nick Heinzmann
Research Analyst

Spend Matters

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While LevaData is a young company, its product is changing the sourcing organization's use and reliance on technology. We expect more to come from LevaData as it continues to significantly alter the sourcing technology market for the better, and helps organizations digitally transform from the inside out.


Mickey North Rizza
Program VP, Enterprise Applications & Digital Commerce




LevaData gives you improved accuracy in product cost allocation changes. It allows you to manage rebates and amortize tooling at suppliers. LevaData alerts you when margins are at risk from Forex or raw material cost changes. This means you can move from reacting to supplier risk to predicting success.

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With LevaData we have all of our information in one place. We can see our cost information for different types of commodities, by product, by supplier, and drill down to the line item level within costed BOMs. We’re able to drive forward using integrated tools and identify the best opportunities for driving cost and mitigating risk.


Jeff Bolte
Procurement Director




LevaData creates visibility into outsourced BOMs and “costed rollups” from manufacturing partners. It enables a “trust but verify” approach for key parts and commodities for partial or full outsourcing. This means insights into full transformation and lifecycle cost changes in your manufacturing process.

See how a post-merger Poly streamlined a complex supply chain. 

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When we understood the benefits that Polycom was achieving with LevaData, it became a solution for the entire company supply chain. We truly believe that AI-powered insights and productive tools can help us deliver the best results when it comes to strategic sourcing.


Roberto Garcia
VP, Materials




LevaData's recommendations during new product introductions allow you to optimize suppliers, part selection, and cost. It gives you unique access to market intelligence and savings opportunities in real time as you create a design BOM. This means you can reduce product lifecycle costs from the very start.

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LevaData’s focus is not only on the savings and changing business performance but also on increasing value contribution from suppliers to sourcing to engineering to supply chains.


Mickey North Rizza
Program VP, Enterprise Applications & Digital Commerce


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