LevaData sat down with Supply Chain Brain to discuss AI's growing role in strategic sourcing. Supply Chain Brain has the full interview, which covered a variety of sourcing-related technology topics:

  • A growing role for AI suggests that managers will be forced to either adopt cognitive sourcing technology, or find themselves left behind.
  • Companies are generating a competitive edge by incorporating cognitive sourcing in their supply chain management. The capability to identify risks and opportunities that would otherwise be invisible is far too valuable to pass up on.
  • A common challenge among sourcing teams is meeting savings goals that are borderline unattainable without the help of AI. As pressure increases on these teams, more and more of them will shift from excel spreadsheets to a cognitive sourcing platform. This is especially true with the current uncertainty in the market and trade agreements.
  • Those who are successful will be the ones who adopt the most agile sourcing strategy, allowing them to rapidly sense and act upon opportunities.

Visit Supply Chain Brain for the video interview - which is part of a series on the impact of AI on supply chains.