AI in Business – How Far We Have Come

Over time, it has been clear that technology can significantly improve an organization's performance at scale. And, more than ever before, today's AI technologies bolster this notion. The advent of machine learning has enabled us to create business solutions that significantly enhance the capabilities of computers and experts alike, while also overcoming many of the obstacles that early expert systems and traditional business solutions encountered. Modern AI solutions avoid the frequently convoluted path given by legacy systems in favor of a more straightforward, effective, and risk-averse approach.

Historically, expert systems have been excessively focused on process automation. Conversely , today's AI solutions can assist us in navigating, orchestrating, and optimizing business processes. On a global basis, organizations are now experiencing an increased use of intelligent assistants in their daily lives at home and at work.

However, how, specifically, has artificial intelligence transformed business throughout the years? And which challenges, if any, do these modernized solutions provide – and what can we do to confront them head-on and ensure positive outcomes?

In this white paper, LevaData examines the remarkable progression of AI systems into the revolutionary resource they are today, as well as provides guidance on maximizing this technology's potential to assist your business operations.

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