Key Learnings from the 2018 Cognitive Sourcing Summit

Review the highlights of LevaData’s Cognitive Sourcing Summit in one hour. This recorded webinar captures five key themes raised at the summit by some of the sourcing’s biggest thought leaders. You’ll learn about the transformative impact AI, machine learning, and cognitive sourcing are having on the procurement field. This session includes Fitbit’s journey to cognitive sourcing and best practices from experts at Constellation Research, IDC, Forbes and Procurious.

Lessons Learned

Digital Transformation

The experts’ take on the role AI and cognitive sourcing technologies will have on procurement’s digital transformation

Driving Value

Deriving concrete benefits and a clear ROI from investments in new technologies

Roadmap Development

Developing a roadmap for digital transformation, including adopting a vision, selecting a pilot project, dealing with bad data and simply getting started

Shaping Talent

Principles of change management for your digital transformation project and shaping your team and organization for a successful rollout

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Elevating the role of procurement: orchestrating with NPI, engineering and finance teams to drive the business

A Condensed Version of the Cognitive Sourcing Summit

Cognitive Sourcing: Driving Disruption, Innovation & Competitive Advantage

Speaker: R “Ray” Wang
R “Ray” Wang presents us with a compelling vision of the future. He explains the power of transformative change, how it generates competitive advantage and where it will take the field of procurement down the road.

Accelerating the Journey: Executive Perspective on Digital Procurement

Moderator: Richard Barnett
Our panelists discuss their experiences with digital transformation and how to identify transformative change. They talk about first steps, the importance of data, and who you need to get involved.

Leapfrog: Fitbit’s Journey to Cognitive Sourcing

Speaker: Kevin Purser
Kevin Purser takes us through his cognitive sourcing journey and explains how he used Leva to change the way sourcing is done at Fitbit.

Insights to Decisions: Rockwell Automation’s Supply Chain Transformation

Speaker: Mike Melzer
Mike Melzer walks us through Rockwell Automation’s supply chain transformation roadmap and talks about the challenges the company faced and the data-driven problem solving that led to success.

Insights from the 2018 Cognitive Sourcing Study

Speaker: Richard Barnett
LevaData’s 2018 Cognitive Sourcing Study delivers insights into the procurement challenges organizations face and identifies areas for improvement.

Cross-Functional Orchestration through Cognitive Sourcing

Speaker: Rajesh Kalidindi
A demonstration of how Leva supported cognitive sourcing can enable and elevate sourcing professionals to collaborate proactively with engineering and other functions.

Workshop: Roadmap Development: Vision, Value, Velocity

Speaker: Mickey North Rizza
Mickey North Rizza and Tomas Wiemer define digital transformation, talk about how to manage it and discuss specific use cases.

Workshop: Organizational Strategy, Talent & Change Management

Speaker: Paul Martyn
Paul Martyn presents ideas on how to manage the human side of digital transformation and provides insight in to where emerging leadership is focused.

Unleashing the Power of Cognitive Sourcing

Speaker: Tania Seary
Tania Seary provides an overview of the day’s insights and an integrated perspective of digital transformation with an eye towards the future.

Your Webinar Hosts


Richard Barnett

Richard Barnett, LevaData’s SVP of Marketing & Customer Success, will provide you with a 35-minute overview of Cognitive Sourcing and answer your questions in a 10-minute Q&A session.

Richard believes that a customer’s success is his success. Over his twenty-year career, he’s worked for both scrappy start-ups, supply chain innovators like i2 Technologies and GT Nexus, and tech luminaries like Microsoft. He is passionate about driving massive performance improvements through the latest in AI technologies. Richard has dual degrees from Stanford University in Political Science and International Policy Studies.


Paul Martyn

Paul is a consultant and Forbes contributor focused on the supply chain industry. Paul started his career in IT solution design, which led to product management, and then an executive leadership role fora technology services firm. He moved on to become an early stage employee and investor of a tech start-up incubated at Carnegie Mellon, where he was paired with Dr. Tuomas Sandholm. He has enjoyed working with many renowned academics in his career including Dr. Mark Spearman, Dr. Subhash Suri, Dr. George Nemhauser and several others.

He’s worked domestically and abroad, in businesses fueled by arrangements with “Global 100” companies in CPG, Industrial Manufacturing, Logistics and Healthcare. As a result, he’s received an insider’s view of the supply chain problems faced by the world’s largest and most sophisticated practitioners. As either an employed executive or independent consultant, Paul has since helped several other supply chain solution providers. He’s appeared on Fox News, CNBC and MSNBC as an expert panelist and has been quoted on supply management topics in WSJ, Reuters, USA Today, FoxNews, CNN and several additional media.


Tomas Weimer

Tomas has extensive experience in global direct and indirect procurement category management and digital strategy. He’s held leadership positions in numerous industries including specialty chemicals, flavor, fragrances and most recently in telecommunication.

His focus on continuous improvement in procurement and digital transformation is a natural result of his broad international experience, having worked with major corporations including Rhone-Poulenc (now Sanofi), Rhodia (now Solvay), Chemtura (now Lanxess), Firmenich, and Alcatel-Lucent, which then merged with Nokia. Following Alcaltel-Lucent’s merger with Noika in 2016, Tomas led the development of procurement digitalization across multiple business groups, corporate functions and operations.

He holds degrees in Business Law and Finance, and currently resides in New Vernon, New Jersey.

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