Every day, we wake up to a new event disrupting businesses. In 2020, those disruptions are flowing into our personal and professional lives at a scale unlike anything we have seen before. As we deal with personal safety, it is also clear that our professional lives are also under siege with the economic impact that has been triggered with Covid-19 . This will truly test our resiliency in many ways.

As companies and customers brace for the impact from Covid-19 , there is one simple truth. It will end and when it does, those that have prepared now will be in the prime spot to lead the market. These topics are discussed on a daily basis, with everyone asking how to:

  • Keep employees safe
  • Protect jobs
  • Keep margins intact
  • Achieve growth

The reality is that these critical aspects of business are being tested. Those that optimize and improve resiliency now, leveraging the power of global data and insights, will fare 10x better than those who do what has worked before. The world has changed, and if we aren’t considering how to change, then we know how evolution plays out.

What is clear to us, as we talk to our clients and leaders around the world is that there is a massive and immediate need to reduce risk, improve supply visibility, reduce costs and help employees be productive remotely. We need to build the agility and resilience into our organizational DNA, so the next time around, we react faster and better.

LevaData has an important part to play with our customers and industries in reducing material costs rapidly and building resiliency to protect jobs as a result. We are committed to make these turbulent times not just manageable but less impactful.

However, we can help, please let us know.

Rajesh Kalidindi

Founder & CEO