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You’ve read about our founding story – the key insights and desire to create real, tangible value that drove the creation of our company. You’ve read about the innovation behind LevaData, the world’s first AI advisor for strategic sourcing. We feel that being part of an organization with a vision for the future that delivers measurable results is deeply satisfying.

But beyond that opportunity, on a day-to-day basis, there are other great reasons to join us. These are encapsulated in the culture that every LevaData team member helps to forge. Our company culture is built on four key values and principles. These are:


Just like our AI platform, the people on our team are constantly learning. This principle is about exploring the art of the possible. We’re a group of people who keep an eye to the future. Everyone from sales to product management to engineering tries to anticipate disruptive technologies and business models. Our goal is to accelerate the process from identification of new innovations to the adoption of these solutions by our customers.

Customer Centric

Another principle is that the truth is out there, not in here. This isn’t just about being humble. It’s about aligning our business model to customer outcomes, as demonstrated by our pay for performance model. We focus on enabling our customers on their journey and organized our company to support them at all stages. We start with thought leadership and market education, then partner with customers to deliver relevant solutions. We first seek to align our approach to their maturity stage, then work together to deliver more value.

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Open Communication

We try to always be direct while always maintaining respect for the other. This means not only respect for the diversity and unique perspective of every team member, customer and partner, but also by actively seeking out new information. Communication is a two-way street, after all. Being open helps us uncover real opportunities to help each other and our customers with the greatest impact.


Our team celebrates our successes internally and externally. Of course, we’re excited about the new capabilities that LevaData’s Integrated Supply Management Platform brings to the market. But our excitement isn’t just for these big breakthroughs. We also strive to acknowledge all our successes from the smallest, quickest sprints through the major milestones and accomplishments. These are also shared accomplishments, often through deep collaboration with customers and partners, and we celebrate them together. 


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